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Note that all visitors are welcome to join club rides however there are a few important ride

Guidelines we use for safety and we ask that you and our club members observe these Ride


(1) FUEL: Arrive at departure point with a full fuel tank, also ensure your tires are up to the ride.

(21 A “RIDE LEADER” and “TAIL END CHARLIE” will be nominated for all official Club rides.

(3) RIDING POSITION: Riding positions should be staggered behind the Ride Leader and a safe

riding distance of a least a two (2) second interval shall be observed between riders.

(4) BUDDY UP: Keep an eye out for the rider behind. lf she/he drops back, do the same so that

by the time all riders in front have slowed down, the message will reach the Ride Leader that there

may be trouble somewhere down the line.

(5) CORNER MARKING: As a rule the rider immediately behind the Ride Leader will, at his

discretion and only where safe to do so, wait on corners out of the way of traffic with the

appropriate turn signal flashing to indicate the route that following riders are to take. lf you come to

a corner and there is no corner marking rider you should out of courtesy wait to see the next rider

appear and when the rider sees where you’re going you can go on.

(6) DON’T PASS ON THE LEFT: Under no circumstances pass on the lnside of another rider unless

you are in a separate lane.

(7) BE RESPONSIBLE: Members shall ride responsibly and observe all State road laws, speed

limits and appropriate road craft for the riding conditions.

(8) OTHER ROAD USERS: Roads will not be monopolized to the detriment of other road users.

(9) LEAVING THE RIDE: Riders wishing to deviate or quit the ride midway must notify the Ride

Leader or Tail End Charlie before leaving.

(10) PASSING THE RIDE LEADER: lf you pass the ride leader you have left the ride and you’re on

your ownl

(11) CALL BACK: When you arrive home or at the end of the your ride please send a courtesy SMS

or make a brief call to the Ride leader (or nominated contact) and tell them what a FANTASTIC time

you had !! lf you don’t have their number – ask for itl

{12) RIDE & EVENT ATTENDANCE SHEET: A Club Ride & attendance sheet will be maintained by

the organizers for each official Club ride with details of:

a. Rider. a

b. Pillion.

c. Emergency contact including the contacts telephone number.

d. Bike Registration number


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