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The Williamstown Motorcycle Club was first formed in 1930.
It was initiated by Len Bevis, his friends and associates.
Regular meetings were held at Len’s Workshop in Ferguson Street Williamstown.
The club held motorcycle oriented events which included social rides, races, hill climbs and presentation nights.

Unfortunately the Williamstown Motorcycle Club did not survive to the end of World War II.
Many of its members did not return from their overseas tours of duty, which sadly brought the club to the end of its first innings.

The Club was reformed in June 1995 by a group of Williamstown locals who had a passion for motorcycling.
The resurrection of the club was inspired by stories from Len Bevis.
He relived some of his very fond Williamstown Motorcycle Club memories with Bill Clark and Leigh Goodall.
These stories fuelled the desire to re-establish the club and continue local history.

The aims of the Williamstown Motorcycle Club since its rebirth still remain the same today.We are proud to be a social motorcycle riding club that promotes all facets of motorcycling from vintage to new motorcycles, as well as raising funds for local charities.The club also benefits from the expertise of its members. Through the exchange of ideas regarding motorcycle restoration, racing, touring, repairs, tuning and parts acquisition, we are able to build up and develop a broad skill base with the opportunity for members to liaise.In this process, the club assists in the preservation and restoration of ‘classic’ motorcycles.

The club logo proudly sports the year the W.M.C.C. was founded.
The motorcycle that adorns this logo is a 1936 VB Ariel 600 Side Valve.
This particular model bike in its day was a down to earth motorcycle owned by ordinary everyday people, just like us.

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